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Benefits of Electrical Testing

We can enhance our customers productivity and profitability by reducing or eliminating the following:

Business Interruptions: The fact is power surges, spikes, transients and poor or even no preventive maintenance is causing damage to your electrical system on a regular basis. These events wear down components and eventually cause premature failure. The more power your facility uses, the greater the risk of a failure. Electrical failures are inevitable without preventive maintenance. The average hourly business interruption cost incurred for office buildings is $0.0981 per square foot. With our Electrical Testing Service we can help you greatly reduce these risks.

Life/Safety Risks: Electrical distribution system malfunctions are now the leading cause of office structure and basic industry fire in the North America. DON’T RISK IT! Let us help!

Utility Costs: Without Preventive Maintenance the Electrical Distribution System itself can waste on average $1,000 to $4,000 in Electric Utility Cost annually! We can help to identify and eliminate these wasted costs!

Surge Suppression: 80% of all transients are generated internally by starting and stopping of elevators, motors, heating and air conditioning equipment and manufacturing equipment. Electrical transients, which are spikes of current and/or voltage in a circuit, cause degradation in equipment which commonly get mistaken for manufacturer quality and equipment age. We can help develop a surge suppression plan to ensure the maximum possible protection of your assets.

Power Quality Analysis: Power quality problems cause loss of data and malfunction of computerized equipment. We can identify and help you eliminate these problems.

Insurance/Certification: Insurance companies lose millions of dollars each year due to electrical failure. When insurance companies lose so do their customers. More and more insurance companies are encouraging their customers to participate in electrical preventive maintenance. It’s a savings for all.

Asset Management: The average life expectancy of your Electrical Distribution System is only 15 years when electrical preventive maintenance does not exist. When your electrical system is cared for its life expectancy goes to an average of 30 years. We can help you plan for large upgrades, and avoid emergency repairs.

Manufacturers’ Recommendations: All manufacturers of electrical equipment require periodical maintenance. We can meet those requirements and maximize the life of your facility’s electrical distribution system.

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