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Electrical Thermal Storage (ETS) Heating

There are only two ways to reduce your energy costs; use less or buy it cheaper. One of the few ways to “buy it cheaper” is to take advantage of Nova Scotia Power’s ‘Time-of-Day’ Power Rates. Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) heating is one of the ways you can qualify to get this Time-of-Day Meter from NSP.

ETS is a relatively new heating concept in North America, but not a new technology. It has been used successfully in Europe for more than 50 years. The system works much like a thermos bottle, allowing the storage of heat until it is needed.

ETS automatically delivers savings by storing up heat at night, when low rates apply. You save money, keeping your home cozy and comfortable around the clock.

We are the local dealer for the Steffes line of Electric Thermal Storage units. See below for links to get more info on each of these options.

Whether you are building a home or renovating your existing home, ETS is an logical alternative. REMEMBER, these TOD Rate apply to all your power, not just your heating power, so your savings opportunity isn’t limited. For example we will install a time clock on your electric hot water tank to ensure it heats at reduced rates only as well. Any electrical usage (i.e. Laundry, Dishwasher, etc.) that can be pushed to off peak usage increases your savings.

Nova Scotia Power also offers easy on-bill financing for approved customers.

To learn more about Nova Scotia Power’s time-of-day rate and lease-to-own financing, call 1-800-428-NSPI (6774). To learn more about Electric Thermal Storage Heating Systems contact us. Or click below to see the answers to some frequently asked questions.