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Welcome to Newman Electric

Since 1995, Newman Electric has been the premier comprehensive electrical contractor in Atlantic Canada. We’re proud to employ over 40 certified and experienced electricians in the Halifax Regional Municipality, and remains a locally owned and operated company. Our substantial pool of electricians always provide us with the knowledge and experience of a large company, while maintaining the commitment to integrity, safety, and tireless attention to detail you’d expect from a smaller shop.

How can we help?

Our knowledgeable team can assist you with:

Installation: Our electricians install electrical systems in new buildings, renovations, or additions. This can involve: planning and designing the layout of electrical circuits, installing wiring and conduits, connecting electrical devices, and ensuring all installations comply with local building codes and safety regulations.

Repair and maintenance: We can efficiently diagnose and repair electrical problems in existing systems. This involves troubleshooting electrical issues, replacing faulty components, repairing or replacing wiring, as well as testing the performance of electrical systems to ensure they are functioning properly. Electricians also perform regular maintenance, such as inspecting electrical systems, identifying potential issues, and conducting preventive maintenance to prevent electrical failures or hazards.

Upgrades and modifications: Electricians may upgrade or modify existing electrical systems to accommodate changes in power requirements, building renovations, or new electrical technologies. This may involve installing additional outlets, upgrading electrical panels, replacing outdated wiring or components, or installing energy-efficient lighting systems.

Safety and code compliance: Electricians ensure that electrical systems meet safety standards and local building codes. We follow all safety procedures to the letter – wearing protective gear, testing electrical systems to detect faults, and grounding electrical equipment to prevent electrical shocks. Newman Electric also stays current with local building codes and regulations to ensure that all electrical work is compliant.

Consultation and troubleshooting: We provide expert advice and consultation to residential and commercial clients regarding electrical systems, energy-saving solutions, and safety measures. We troubleshoot electrical problems, identify the root cause of electrical failures, and provide solutions to fix the issues.

Strong Credentials

Newman Electric has a strict safety policy and has the NSCSA Certificate of Recognition, WCB letter of good standing and General Liability and Automobile Fleet policy of $5,000,000 each.

Industry Connections

We value our strong relationships with other trades, and are proud of our status as the trusted subcontractor of choice among some of Atlantic Canada’s top general contractors.